My name is Christian and I am specialized in design strategy, branding, user interactions and interfaces with more 14 years of experience.

Combining my human-centered design skills with a broad knowledge of visual, digital and physical tools, I am committed to create engaging and impactful user experiences, and I am especially astute at devising simple and effective design solutions from complex conditions. I’ve worked in a wide range of industries, including automotive, financial services and telecoms.

Lately I’ve focused on the intersection between design, strategy and org while establishing innovative environments and the design discipline as an overarching culturale working aspect.

Outside of work I am driven by a curiosity to discover the unfamiliar, and is constantly in pursuit of the new. I am really into music, art & design, typography and scandinavia. Otherwise I can be found engaging in one of my various outdoor activities, like snowboarding, surfing, or swimming.

Christian Hertlein



  • Aug 2020 – Present

    Ree Technology

    Director of Design & Brand

    where I am leading Design and Brand to generate a completely new experience in mobility.

    Ree Technology is a stealth-mode tech start-up creating a new path for mobility. Ree is working on reshaping how people autonomously move in metropolitan areas – making getting from A to B safer, more sustainable and accessible for everyone.

    Director of Design & Brand
    Aug 2020 – Present

  • May 2017 – Jul 2020


    Head of Design

    where I am leading global design, bridging brand design, product design and user research. I’ve scaled the team from 7 to more than 60 people across multiple locations, established a design driven culture in the company, repositioned the brand, build a design system at large scale and fundamentally influenced product development.

    N26 is one of highest-valued fintech startups in the world, operating in 25 markets, more than 5 million customers and has raised $670 million in total with a valuation of $3.5 billion.

    Head of Design
    Jan 2018 – Jul 2020

    Lead Designer
    May 2017 – Dec 2017

  • Jan 2012 – Apr 2017


    Senior Lead Designer

    where I created concepts, prototypes and visual designs for digital products and services. I was leading teams for a variety of clients within the tech and automotive industry, e-commerce, retail and financial services.

    IDEO is an international design and consulting firm founded in Palo Alto, California. With the invention of Design Thinking, the company has become a leading innovation enabler in products, services, management and organizational design.

    Senior Lead Designer
    Feb 2016 – Apr 2017

    Lead Designer
    Feb 2015 – Jan 2016

    Senior Interaction Designer
    Feb 2014 – Jan 2015

    Interaction Designer
    Jan 2012 – Jan 2014

  • Dec 2010 – Dec 2011

    Telekom Innovation Laboratories

    Product Designer

    where I was concepting, designing and developing mobile interfaces to future proof ideas in preparation of large scale.

    Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs) is the R&D unit of Deutsche Telekom, where international experts and scientists work together on blockchain technology, smart city concepts, artificial intelligence and new media experiences.

  • Dec 2008 – Nov 2010


    Product Designer

    where I was researching, prototyping and designing implementation of in-car interactions for Volkswagen, creating interactive applications for museums and working strategically on security software.

    IXDS is a design consultancy at the intersection of experience, business and technology. Engineers, designers and consultants design, prototype and activate innovative products and services.

  • Jun 2008 – Dec 2008

    Mercedes Benz

    Web Designer

    where I was maintaining the company website of the Mercedes-Benz branch Berlin and creating interactive marketing campaigns.

    Mercedes-Benz is a global automobile company of Daimler AG. The Berlin headquarter is responsi- ble for local marketing, retail and sales concepts.

  • Jan 2006 – May 2008

    New Roses

    Brand Designer

    where I was responsible for the new media department, concepting, designing and de- veloping websites as well as digital and print campaigns.

    New Roses Corporate Communications is a brand, strategy and graphic design agency based in Berlin, bridging strategy consultance to build strong brands.



  • 2020

    University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

    Thesis Assessor for Interface Design Program

  • 2018

    University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

    Lecturer “Crafting User Interfaces” for Bachelor of Arts (Interface Design)

  • 2015

    Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

    Examiner for final interaction design thesis presentations



  • 2006 – 2011

    University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

    Bachelor of Arts with honors, Interface Design

  • 2009 - 2010

    Malmö University (Malmö Högskola)

    Master (term abroad during Bachelor study)

  • 2004 – 2006

    New Roses Corporate Communications

    Apprenticeship as media designer for digital and print media (IHK)




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Interviews and


Interview Workshopper

How N26 created a design-centric culture from day one

By Workshopper 23 September 2019

What we as designers need to be aware of, is how much more can we contribute to that particular request. So asking yourself “why” helps you create context for yourself, and also challenging the ideas and looking at them critically. That way you’re not just executing anymore – you’re actively participating in the conversation.

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Podcast BeyondUsers

How to organize design teams and promote design culture

By BeyondUsers 29 October 2018

Christian took over a team of designers in super fast growing startup and started integrating design across different departments and promoting design as an important part of the culture. We discussed: How is the design team structured and organized within the N26, how to get a seat at the table by proactively shaping what the design team works on rather than passively waits for project briefs, and what are design consultants naive about when they work with clients.

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Interview Framer

Business Metrics of Design

By Framer 20 June 2019

Christian Hertlein shares a series of proactive, repeatable processes to connect design and user research to business. From understanding design metrics, by complementing metrics with user research to connecting design across departments. This leads to a mindset of collaboration and impact generation.

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Interview WorkWithUs

Work and life at digital underdog within the banking landscape

By WorkWithUs 02 January 2019

Christian Hertlein Head of Design at N26 tells us more about work and life at this digital underdog within the banking landscape who became the role model for the best user experience in mobile banking in Europe and even worldwide.

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Interview N26

Christian Hertlein —
Head of Design at N26

By N26 12 Dec 2017

Obviously when people talk about design they think about the visual aspect of it, but design is much more. It is a mindset. It is how you actually approach difficulties or problems in general, which means that design also includes the understanding of the human, the user.

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